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Fun and structured after school and summer camp experiences for kids who love to build, tinker, imagine, and explore!

After School Pick Up

Our after school program is the perfect solution for families who value quality enrichment as well as benefit from a fun and engaging option for their child while they work. 

Summer Camp/Day Camps-

Summer Camp is filled with STEM activities, daily field trips, and lots of fun. Registration for 2023 is now open!

Classes, Programs, and Special Workshops

We offer workshops and classes at our center incorporating a broad range of subjects.  We even travel to schools for workshops onsite to complement the school's curriculum. 



STEM Encounters provides time and space for exploration.  Each week a new Encounter is launched.  Students will be exposed to new material, given new information, shown new tools, and given a chance to become acquainted with a subject.  After that, it is all up to the students.  Daily, students may choose to read, tinker, and contemplate this new material in his or her own unique way.  A few may begin working together on a project, others may choose to read, some may want to ask more questions.  There is no finite end the student is expected to reach.  In fact students are encouraged to take chances and make mistakes.  These experiences are valuable to building confidence and industrious habits.


Once new Encounters are launched old ones can become archived or may remain active in other area of the center.  Some students may want to continue on with a particular material or resource.  The center is ever changing and evolving and teachers will watch for the items that spark the most interest.


In addition to STEM Encounters, time for socialization and recreation is encouraged.  Artistic expression and games are fostered and we aim to always have a comfortable and friendly place for students to enjoy after school, during day camps, and for summer camp. 

STEM education is more than just a trendy buzz word.  In 2001, Judith Ramaley, then the Director of Education and Human Resources at the National Science Foundation, was working on a curriculum to enhance the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math. She called it STEM. Ramaley described how in the acronym science and math serve as bookends for technology and engineering. “Science and math are critical to a basic understanding of the universe, while engineering and technology are means for people to interact with the universe. STEM weaves those elements of human action and understanding into all aspects of education,” Ramaley said. Nearly two decades later and it seems like STEM is everywhere.

While we think that exposure to all four areas are important, it is just as important to bring four other concepts to the table when thinking about how instead of what children learn.  The 4C's in STEM: Creativity, Communication, Criticial Thinking, Collaboration. Although STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, there is much more that contributes to developing successful students than just these core content skills.  Learning to move through projects with others and understanding how to synthesize and process information are life skills students need both in and out of the classroom.


1912 East Firetower Road, Unit 101

Greenville, NC 27858


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